One of the aspects that distinguishes my coaching practice from that of other coaches is my use of Power Tools. These mind-body techniques are supported by scientific methods, are focused and brief, and release stuck energy in the body, allowing you to feel more connected to yourself. Through these, we’ll focus on helping you increase awareness, attain balance, and live with purpose. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

When we experience a negative even, it can remain charged in our memory and our body. We can detect emotional triggers from our overreactions to every day incidents. These are like throwing salt on a wound. Through EMDR, we are able to process negatively charged memories, thereby releasing the trapped emotion. This helps us to be more in control of our reactivity. Additionally, through EMDR we can also boost the internal resources we need to overcome challenges. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

There is a strong connection between our mind and body. As a result, when we experience pain or tension in our body, it is often an indication of stress. With the use of EFT, we can tap on meridians in the body that help us release anything that is not serving us and feel immediate relief.


Our core beliefs are beliefs that have been shaped over time, usually in childhood, that define how we see ourselves, other people, and the world. These beliefs can often be negative and thereby limit us. Because we have rehearsed these in our minds for many years, we have built neural connections in our brains. This allows us to automatically align with these beliefs without much effort. We can alter these limiting beliefs through consistent repetition of positive affirmations, or mantras. These create new neural connections that help us counter the old beliefs that are no longer serving us.


In our busy worlds we often have endless thoughts and worries swimming in our heads. This is a sign that we are disembodied. Breathing allows us to connect back into our bodies. It slows everything down, helps us relax, and regulates our emotions. It is essential to our lives in general, and when we breathe deeply, it can be life altering. 


Being mindful is all about increasing self-awareness. Without this, we open ourselves up to destructive habits. Building awareness of our emotions and behaviors allows us to change our habits and live a more stable life. Research has also shown that this tool can decrease stress and trigger a healing reaction.


We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. By using visualization in our mind’s eye, we allow ourselves to feel what it’s like to have what we want. When we experience this in our mind and body, we are taking the first step into manifesting our desires. Visualization can also help us tap into our resources, boosting our confidence and sparking inspiration within us.


We spend much of our time being outwardly focused, worrying about our image, what other people might think of us, and whether we measure up. Meditation is a tool that allows us to go inward and focus on our inner process. It has been documented to help relieve stress, increase energy levels and self-awareness, and quiet the mind. 


Spirituality means different things to different people. What’s important in our work is to feel aligned with your purpose, to awaken your intuition, to balance your chakras, and to feel supported by a Higher Power or the Universe. We don’t have to have all the answers. Faith helps us let go of our desire to control everything and be more free.


The chakra system is the guiding framework for my Integrative Life Coaching. It helps to inform me about the connection between presenting problems or symptoms, including emotional struggles and physiological ailments, and root issues that need to be balanced energetically. It allows me to know you on a deeper level even without you disclosing everything that you think or feel.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology incorporates powerful mind-body approaches that tap into your intuition and allow you to know what is in your highest interest. This helps you prioritize and make good decisions, address conscious and unconscious objections, correct systemic energy interferences, and release emotional and mental blocks. 

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