Sharon Grossman is an expert in guiding lawyers, doctors, and other high pressure career executives to be efficient and effective in their jobs and personal lives. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience as a Psychologist and Coach, Dr. Sharon has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences and ensuring they walk away with insights and actionable strategies focused on resilience so they can effectively manage work-related stress and on strengthening time management skills so they can live a balanced life. When you want results coupled with a heart-warming experience, Dr. Sharon Grossman is the speaker you need. 


Building Resilience to Avoid Burnout

Resilience is key to managing the demands of work without becoming overly stressed or burned out. Dr. Sharon will teach you how to build mental disciplines and engage with greater Emotional Intelligence so you can avoid your breaking point.

The 3Es to Successful Stress Management

When you are stressed, do you know the optimal way to cope? Dr. Sharon will share with you what leads to stress as well as what can help you be more stress hardy. By applying these principles, you will have more joy, peace, and satisfaction, improve your job performance and satisfaction and avoid burnout.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Mastering the Art of Time Management

Are the demands of your job getting to you? Does it feel like what you do is never enough? In this seminar you will discover the time management strategies and mindset hacks that increase productivity and reduce the overwhelm associated with work demands.


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Dr. Sharon helped distill the root causes of my burnout which helped me develop a plan of action to reduce my stress and heal my burnout.

~ Annalee C., M.D.

Dr. Sharon is engaging, brilliant, enthusiastic, and insightful. I gained tools that I can implement in my daily life to be my best self.

~ Kerri J., M.D.

Sharon’s workshop on burnout was engaging and interactive, filled with practical tips for how to thrive in professional and personal life. 

~ Lauren R., M.D.

Very compassionate and caring space, great listening and reflections with simple and concrete strategies you can begin implementing immediately.

~ Rebecca G., Coach

Very helpful. Session was tailored to the group and flexible suggestions that are manageable no matter what your situation.

~ Colleen O., M.D.

Dr. Sharon gave practical advice tailored to my unique situation. It allowed me to come up with my own solutions to become more stress hardy.

~ Stephanie M., M.D.

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