What You Can Learn from a Spider About Time Management

We all have busy and demanding lives. Our biggest challenge can be how to increase productivity while keeping our sanity. One of the best #timemanagement lessons can be learned from a children's book.

In The Very Busy Spider, Eric Carle writes about a spider who is incredibly focused on a singular task, on spinning a web. Throughout the book, different animals approach the spider and ask whether she would like to have a fun experience with them. In each instance, the spider doesn't answer them and continues on.

At the end of that busy day of spinning, the web is completed, and the spider is so tired, she has fallen asleep.

3 Lessons We can Learn From Carle's Spider To Help Our Productivity:

1. Focus on one task at a time and make it your most important task. Often, in time management books we are reminded to ask ourselves what tasks we can focus on that only we can do. These are the tasks that demand our attention. Everything else can be delegated or outsourced.

2. Expect constant distractions and plan accordingly. When you have a plan of how to handle distractions, you will be more productive. Turn off devices. Let co-workers or family members and friends know that you are unavailable for calls, conversations, and hanging out until your project is done.

3. Get good at estimating task length. If you know you're focused on a singular project, ask yourself how long it will realistically take. You may just focus on a task that is a portion of the larger project. How much time do you have and what can you achieve during that time? If need be, work with a timer to keep you focused and ensure you're taking breaks throughout the day.

If you follow these three tips, you too will be able to pull off your to-do list in a productive and efficient way.

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