The ABCs to Making Over Your Life

It’s the end of the year and almost time for those resolutions about how you’re going to makeover your life in 2019. But we all know that when we set goals and have no clear plan, there is usually little follow through. Why is that and how to we break the cycle?

Successful change is a process that requires two key ingredients: Tools and mindset. When we have the right mindset and are lacking the tools, change is easier. We just need to acquire new tools that lead to different action and follow through. We can learn the tools from experts or from doing our own research.

But what happens when the reverse is true? When we have tools but lack a growth mindset, we get stuck. No surprise so many of those New Years’ resolutions don’t come to fruition.

What is a growth mindset? It’s when we overcome our limiting beliefs, self-fulfilling prophecies, and fears that otherwise keep us stuck. The trouble is that we often don’t know why we’re spinning our wheels because much of what is keeping us stuck is unconscious. This can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors like procrastination. The good news is that we can cultivate a growth mindset.

Here are the ABCs to Achieving a Growth Mindset

The first ingredient is Awareness. Start to pay attention to the critical and judgmental voice in your head. If your thought is unhelpful, look to replace it with a more helpful thought.

The second ingredient is through Balance. Who do you know who is a supportive and positive role model in your life? What would they say in difficult times? Insert their voice into your head to give your automatic negative voice some competition.

The third ingredient is Consistency. As researchers have shown, changing a habit, as in the habit of mind, takes at least 21 days, so practice daily. Use reminders to keep you on track.

To recap, it takes tools and a growth mindset to accomplish change. It takes Awareness, Balanced thinking, and Consistency to achieve a growth mindset. Working with an expert can give us the tools and mindset we need. Consider the changes you’d like to accomplish as we wrap up the year and step into 2019. Life can be improved.

If you want to start the year off right so you can create the change you desire and have more prosperity, peace, and happiness, take the online course I created for this purpose. To find out about the Get in the Driver's Seat: Set Goals and Take Control of Your Life course, click here.

This article was written by Dr. Sharon Grossman and previously appeared in On Trend Magazine

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