4 Steps to Changing Your Life: Part 2

The first half of the #HerosJourney is about preparing for change by tuning into our pain point, overcoming limiting beliefs, and connecting to ourselves. When we are aligned with our values and are nurturing ourselves along the way, we can find mentors to guide us and can avoid the temptation to get off course.

Once you have taken the lessons you've learned in the first half of your journey, you are ready to put that knowledge into practice. Step 3 of the journey begins with #selfreflection. This is a time for you to consolidate your inner world and step into the challenges in front of you. The reward is just over the bridge, but you have dragons to slay before getting to the other side. This step is all about personal #transformation. These dragons represent the unknown we were initially afraid of and act as the obstacles between ourselves and our goals.

Like a spring, you are able to emerge from the first half of your journey full of energy and force. You have come so far and are not going to let anything get in your way. You know there is no turning back. You aren't willing to feel disconnected and confined any more. You recognize that there are dragons behind as well as in front of you so you might as well move in the direction of promise.

The key is to approach with curiosity, put your best foot forward, and connect with #spirit as you search for inner wisdom. You may experience confusion, pain, or loss along the way. There is no perfection. It is all about acceptance and letting go of anything that doesn't align with your growth and what you want for your life. Acceptance begins with self-acceptance. Love yourself and you will be able to bond with others whom you love.

Discover your true self by opening yourself up to your visions and dreams, listening to your intuition, and experimenting with turning those images in your mind into a reality. What will it take to bring those to life?

Once you've eliminated all obstacles and cross to the other side of that bridge, you have attained your goals! You did this with your hard work, determination, and through balancing your inner self. You are now ready for Step 4: Integration. You have a story to tell, a message to share, a difference to make in the world. Take time to reflect on your journey, how you were able to overcome your fears and your world of pain. Make peace with your past and #integrate it with your new self.

Having overcome the obstacles on your journey allows you to see the world through two sets of eyes. You can reflect back on your life before the transformation and see how people in that world are currently still stuck. You know what it takes to get to the other side and can now act as a guide or mentor for others who want to transform themselves the way you did.

Most importantly, you are living the life you want to live without restrictions or limitations. You don't need anyone's approval, you no longer doubt yourself, and are strengthened by the experience of having gone through this journey to a meaningful life.

One thing this journey has taught you is that to transform your physical reality, you have to first change your mental, emotional, and spiritual reality. Now that your inner world has been transformed, you can begin to transform your outer world with the skills you learned along the way. You recognize that everything is connected. It is when you utilize both your internal and external resources that you tap into your wisdom, bring order to the chaos, and enjoy the present moment life presents to you.

Congratulations. Bask in your greatness. You have arrived.

If this post moved you, please share your comments with me and share it with someone who may be contemplating the journey.

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