You want to create a thriving business, do what you love with impact, and have financial security, all in a manner that works for you.


                You struggle with lack of clarity about what

                to focus on both in the big picture and small

                details. This creates overwhelm, makes you

                feel lost, and prevents you from getting

                things done.

                You are overly committed where you have

                no life because you work 24/7. This leads to

                burnout and to a loss of motivation. If you

                work from home, your personal and

                professional life become so blended that

                you don’t know where one ends and the

                other begins.

                You become easily distracted and

                procrastinate. This is how you know it’s

                happening: When you’re binge-watching

                Netflix. The work feels heavy and scary and

                you feel guilty for avoiding it, telling

                yourself everything you “should” be doing

                but aren’t. You might even think, “If this

                continues, then I’ll have to get a real job!”

                That really scares you because you want

                the freedom entrepreneurship provides


                There is a gap in your business knowledge

                about how to take an idea and make it

                profitable. This can make you feel

                incompetent and doubt your ability to

                succeed. Because you lack confidence,

                you’re always searching for what you think

                you need. You have trouble delegating and

                managing your time. You have a need to do

                it all, but this wastes your resources.

                Doing it on your own can feel like you are

                out in the middle of sea. You feel

                unsupported, doubtful, and lack the

                progress you desire. It can take longer to be

                successful than you want, so you need to

                stay committed.

There is nothing like working with someone you can talk to about this, who helps you to know you’re not crazy.

Someone who helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


✓ Clarify your vision, strengths, and passions

✓ Help you focus on what you really need

✓ Save you time, money, and energy

✓ Ensure you are committed to the right thing

✓ Help you have sustained motivation in your work and feel excited by it

✓ Improve on your weaknesses so they don’t hold you back

✓ Learn important skills that make a big difference both in your business

    and personal life

✓ Create a structure for your work

✓ Stay on task

Coaching functions as a sounding board and

keeps you accountable to your success

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