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Peak Performance

I work with people who are committed to optimal performance, financial security, and job fulfillment.

The problem is most people lack clarity about what they really want. If they are clear, they procrastinate. They might lack time management or interpersonal skills, and almost always they lack accountability.

Because of this, they spin their wheels. They get stuck. They think too small. They are committed but burned out and are ripe for sabotage. I see this all the time.

This is why I’m committed to this work and to helping you perform at your peak without the chaos and stress.

Performance Coaching

for the high achiever

Want to surpass your limitations?

Get clear on what you want

Connect to your purpose

Learn success tools

Stay on task with your goals




Dr. Sharon has helped me to increase my confidence, clarify my vision, and she has equipped me with the tools and blueprint to navigate this rough terrain.  What I have observed in our sessions is apparently a norm for Dr. Sharon --- she constantly plants the seeds to make me think BIGGER.  One idea ends up having elasticity that stretches so much further than I imagined.  She immediately turns one step into four or five and the feeling is exhilarating. It’s an old cliche, but I really feel myself growing in leaps and bounds!
-Karren H., Entrepreneur

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